Our Story


Hi! We're Erica and Dustin. Designers, cousins, business partners, travel buddies, and great friends. In 2006 we opened Hitchcock, a retail store that specializes in fine, fashion, and custom jewelry.

Travel is a significant part of our creative process. From Wichita to Tokyo, we thrive on the contrast of locations and cultures.

Our brick and mortar boutique is art. We channel our current obsessions from our travels into a floor to ceiling conceptual presentation, and we couldn't be more excited about our most recent transformation.

La Hermosa Vida 


The current installation is a 360-degree mural painted by Mexican artist Pilo Pada. We became fans of Pilo’s work while exploring El Paso on our most recent inspiration trip, and in August of 2022 he came to Seattle to paint the interior of the store. And we do mean the entire interior, from floor to ceiling. It was amazing to get to know him and watch his creative process unfold over the seven days he worked in our space. It was brilliant, unexpected, and wonderful.

Pilo is an artist from Ciudad Juárez, México. For ten years, he’s been creating individual art expositions, clothing design, restaurant and retail design, and large scale murals. At home, he facilitates art workshops for kids dealing with violence and poverty.



Through vibrant, arresting imagery of monsters, eyes, rainbows, skulls, and masks the viewer gets to experience Mexican folklore blended with future fantasy. Blank spaces are filled in with impromptu poetry which becomes powerful in the context of the overwhelming visuals throughout in the store. Words like La Verdad (truth), La Hermosa Vida (beautiful life), and Futuro (future) become almost cryptic when written in geometric shapes.



Pilo lives in Juarez but does most of his work in the US, giving him a double-life of sorts and a unique perspective that comes with it. 

"You can find this blending of the two cultures in my work. Walking daily through the bridge, going from one country to the other, gives me the daily experience of living in two very different places. This gives me access to the thoughts, images, and history of both sides.” - Pilo Pada 


- Erica & Dustin