Our Story


Hi! We're Erica and Dustin. Cousins, business partners, travel buddies, and great friends. Designers, artists, makers, and dreamers. Two sides of the same coin. We started Hitchcock over 15 years ago with a goal of sharing and selling what we loved most from artists both near and far. 


Over the years, our point of view has solidified, allowing us to focus exclusively on our own line of jewelry and clothing. With the help of our amazing clients, we have become well known for both our classic collection, as well as, our ever-evolving one-of-a-kind pieces. We're driven by our constant creative evolution, and draw our inspiration from all over the globe.


Travel is a significant part of our process, and our trips together are an adventurous outlet and a creative necessity. From Wichita to Tokyo, we thrive on the contrast of locations and cultures. It’s within these extremes that we find so much of our inspiration.


We treat our brick and mortar boutique as art. Every year we completely remodel the space into a totally different world. We channel our current obsessions from our travels into a floor to ceiling conceptual presentation. This place we call home should not only elevate the senses of our clients but ours as well.


This house we call Hitchcock is a place we love to be because we truly love what we do. Just knock!  


- Erica & Dustin